New Star Baseball Out Now

14 Dec 2020

New Star Baseball is out now for mobile devices. Download for FREE here (iOS):- or here (Android):-


New Star Baseball allows you to step up to the plate as the next big baseball superstar - and experience the rollercoaster life of a professional player. Plucked straight out of high-school by top baseball scouts who believe you could be a rare two-way player, it's up to you to prove them right as you face the hard reality of competitive baseball in the big leagues. New Star Baseball incorporates the now trademark “New Star” mix of action, lifestyle strategy and RPG. Will you seize your chance and build on your one-in-a-million talents to make it to the hall of fame? Or will you plunge headlong into the high-rolling temptations of glitzy casinos and all the luxuries that money can buy?

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