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New Star Soccer 4 is the award winning football career game where you can be the best player in the world. Start out at a premier team or in the lower leagues, then prove yourself on the pitch and off it. Build your skills in the training mini-games and grab the headlines on match day. You will also need to manage your relationships with friends, the media, girlfriend and more. If your personal life suffers so will your performance, and the choices you make will ultimately determine your success. Try the free demo or purchase the full version for $24.99 / £17.99 / €19.99.





It's an amazing feat of game making that provides one of the most enjoyable and addictive sport games available.

If you've got more than a passing interest in footie, and a sense of
humour about it, then support your indie devs and pick up a copy of
New Star Soccer 4. 80% PC Format

New Star Soccer is a simple title with a viciously addictive hook to it.
8/10 GameTunnel.com

NSS4 is a great game with plenty to keep you interested
4/5 Windows Vista Official Magazine

There's something very enjoyable about building your career and stats up to play for the first team, and eventually to play for your country.
7/10 TotalPCGaming magazine

NSS4 hits a new high for independent football game development.
3/5 FourFourTwo magazine

If you buy this game, you wont regret it. It can provide you hours of
fun. 5/5 Helium.com

The career mode surpasses those in FIFA/PES.
8/10 OperationSports.com

An amazing showcase of independent game making
7/10 TestFreaks.com

If you enjoy a challenge and like footie games I’d definitely
recommend it. 7/10 CaptainD's PC Gaming Blog

A title that is worth a look again and again with so many possibilities and paths to take in your career. 8.2/10 GamersDailyNews.com

Now finally, even mac users can try this awesome game.
5/5 MacGames.biz

This game will just suck you in right from the start. NSS4 is one of the best games I have played this year. 90% Bytten.com

I would definitely recommend this game even if you are not into soccer, if you are then it’s a must buy. It’s simple, easy to play and a lot of fun with infinite possibilities! 8.5/10 GamersHub.org

If you are a passionate football fan searching for a quality simulation title, buy this game! 3.5/5 Unigamesity.com

New Star Soccer 4’s matches are excellent.
3/5 HarryBalls.com

A robust combination of life management and sports simulation.
6/8 OutOfEight

I reckon football fans will love this!
74/100 PC-Games-and-Reviews.com

A refreshing blast of fresh air compared with the behemoths that dominate this market. ITReviews.co.uk

Call it an indie game if you want but the quality it brings out is absolutely worthy of praise and admiration.

Vast, far richer and more detailed than most indie games.

I virkeligheden er der ikke så meget nyt under solen ud over 3D grafik og pænere menuer. Der er tilføjet detaljer her og der - som for eksempel mht. kontrakter, indendørs træning og de såkaldte awards der markerer små milepæle i karrieren. 8/10 Gamesektor.dk (Danish)

İnternetin gizli köşelerinde kalmış bir hazine gibi.
gnctrkcll.turkcell.com.tr (Turkish)


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