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$4.99 USD

New Star Soccer 3 is the award winning football game that lets YOU be the star player. Take full control of your career and work your way to the top. Defender, midfielder or attacker, the choice is yours, just make sure you keep the boss, fans and everyone else happy on your rise to football stardom! Try the free demo or purchase the full version for $4.99.

Windows Only



  • Superb match engine - inspired by classic football games like Kick Off and Sensible Soccer.
  • Variable weather conditions. Can you handle rain, mud and even snow?
  • Optional close-up cameras allow you to scrutinize the action.
  • A choice of viewing angles - vertical or horizontal, plus a reverse angle during replays.
  • Replays can be saved and even exported as an avi movie!
  • Full player database featuring all the squads from over a 40 leagues worldwide.
  • Realistic player stats that truly make each player on the pitch an individual.
  • Training challenges that must be completed successfully to build your skills.
  • More incidents and dilemmas for you to ponder over than ever before.


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"A near-perfect blending of simulation and action."
- GameTunnel


"A treat that real sport fans will find themselves totally engrossed in."
- GameTunnel

PC Zone

"What a great game this is. Seriously."
- PC Zone


"Dangerously addictive stuff."
- Sky News

Underdogs 89%

SoccerGaming 87%

Independent Gaming

MicroMart 8/10