Having looked on the board for various messages about this, I was surprised that I'm the only one with this problem.

I think it also stems from the '-1 yards to goal' bug.

When I dribble the ball, there are on ocassions between 1 and 3 players to beat, once I beat them, I then have another couple. If I'm lucky then I'm one on one with the keeper. There have been several times where I just keep coming across players who want to tackle me. The highest count of them so far is 15. It's quite ridiculous that I dribble past 15 players since there are only 10 outfield players. Yes, they could all run back behind the other defenders but let's be realistic, that's just stupid and doesn't happen.

Is it possible to have a set number of players to beat when dribbling instead of just a random between 1 and 3 (and then done again)?