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    Weltmeisterformel =
    1990 + 1974 - 1954 =

    Bremen, Germany, 2007

    A new year. A full year with Werder Bremen. Destiny fills the wind. Euro 08 qualifiers beckon.

    So maybe last year I said the same thing. Yeah, but that was 2. Bundesliga. That was Freiburg. That was then.

    But then was good. Freiburg, first year with them, a mere five points from promotion. It hurt, but what do you expect from a rookie striker?

    We start off the next year playing well, hovering around 3rd. But those offers were tugging at the back of my mind. See, in the offseason, Olympique Marseilles, Lazio, and Tottenham sent offers my way. Amazing teams, but I wanted to stay in Freiburg, and at least in Germany. So I put in for a transfer to Germany. Amazingly, the fans were gracious and didnt even boo. I sat waiting for Bayern Munich to pay me a visit, but it was not to be. Even though Freiburg was on track to promotion, Werder Bremen's offer was too good to pass up. So I signed, and three weeks later, BOOM, knee injury. 4 weeks. 4 weeks that decided the next year.

    By the time I recover, the top two in the Bundesliga are set, but the third place, and a Champions League spot, is a toss up between Werder Bremen, Schalke 04, and Leverkusen. Stuttgart is 4 points out of the tie. I only play Stuttgart and Leverkusen before the end of the season.

    Stuttgart go down easy, a 3-1 destruction that was worse than the score let on. Mainly because of one person I would come to hate in the coming weeks: Hunt. I never bothered to learn his first name. Passing? Optional. Accuracy? Optional. Headers wide on impeccable crosses? Always.

    Sure, I fed him a nice pass and he scored. But would he return the favor? Nooooo. This would come back at a critical time.

    Now, through the rest of the matches leading up to an important battle with Leverkusen, my genius manager switches strikers (other than me of course) like the tides. Hunt, Nelson Valdez, Klose, Klasnic. A veritable revolving door of strikers.

    We finally get to Leverkusen. The atmosphere is electric. And so am I. Why?

    Because Hunt is my partner.

    While Leverkusen never saw the ball until 10 mins in, neither did I. The one time I touched the ball was on a free kick that the keeper bobbled and guess who missed the rebound?


    Leverkusen score on a great pass by my defense to their striker right outside the 18. Now we really need to get the ball around.

    I take a pass and streak down the side. I cut in and drop it off for a cross. Head. Goal. 1-1, with ample time left for either side.

    Not five minutes later, Leverkusen strikes and its ends that way, 2-1.

    We win out, but so do Leverkusen. 4th place and no CL.

    But, that was then. Now, as I read the papers realizing Freiburg got promoted. How convienent.

    And Hunt is still on the team.

    more later, my arm's tired. eventually it leads to euro 08 and south africa 2010. but i have to play them first.

    what do you guys think?
    background later, but its obvious I play for Germany, if you understood the formula.
    Weltmeisterformel 1990 + 1974 - 1954 = 2010

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    Yes it is obvious, good job

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    But back to this year.

    We start out on fire. Five straight wins to go into the season and take a commanding league lead.

    We stumble, but at the midway point we're doing great witha solid 8 points over 2nd place Schalke. I've been training and taking off, what with the lead, but come back with the rematch with my old team, Freiburg, in my sights.

    I check stats, and realize my best buddy Hunt leads the Bundesliga in goals while I lead with assists. Not the way I would like it, but winning is winning, right?

    Freiburg match? Utter dominance. Two goals and assists for me, and we roll, 5-1. This is shaping up to be our year.

    Euro 2008 qualifiers are goin great. Die Nationalelf is live and kicking down the door. I miss one match after two accumulated yellows, but its all good.

    The Champions League beckons, and Werder will answer its call.
    Weltmeisterformel 1990 + 1974 - 1954 = 2010

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    good stuff keep it coming

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