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    Default Kvich, a star in the making

    As many others have, I decided to post the career story of my young up and coming superstar.
    I've decided to post the story in character, as a journalist from a newspaper, and will try to follow their biased, one-sided view of things, so try and imagine you're reading the sports section of a newspaper.
    I will try and keep things as accurate as possible, without it being repetative and boring.

    My player is a English striker, playing in Throck, English conference south club (if I don't remember wrong)

    On a final note, I'm sorry for any and all spelling and gramatical mistakes, but English is unfortunately not my native language.

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    At a press conference yesterday evening, the manager from Throck announced the clubs expectations for this season, and quite surprisingly they are aiming for promotion. Especially after they sold last seasons club top score.
    When asked, the manager said he have taken a striker from the youth team, a sixteen year old unproven youngster, and he may be given his debut already on the opening game.

    After the press conference, our journelist asked one of the fans, what his thoughts of this were.
    Journ: "You think the team got what it takes to get promoted this season?"
    Fan: "Well we got a good team, and they could get promoted on a good day."
    Journ: "What is your thoughts about the recent sale of the clubs top score?"
    Fan: "It was a real shame to see him leave, and we're many that are questioning the decision to sell him!"
    Journ: "What about the new kid? You think he got what it takes?"
    Fan: "Only time will tell, but he got a big room to fill out."

    Matchday 1 report:

    It was an interesting day in the league, after the manager for Throcks recent press conference, and we managed to get in touch with him just before kick off.
    Journ: "So do you expect to win today?"
    Man: "I expect my lads to work their socks off today, it's an importen game!"
    Journ: "your announcement of the new kid Kvich, is he starting in today?"
    Man: "Yes he's having his debut today, I'm expecting a lot from him, he's been showing lots of talent for the youth team."
    Journ: "Well good luck with the game."

    Throck got a good start of the league, with a home win, and the youngster showed that he's ready to play on this level.
    He was working really hard, and hardly put a foot wrong. He passed the ball around well, and kept being at the right place all the time. His team can thank him for the win, as his goal to 1-1 just half an hour into the game, and the winning goal to 3-2, two minutes into the injury time. He was also named the star man of the game. What a debut!

    Our jounalist got a comment from the team captain.
    "Was a good game, everyone worked really hard for it today. Always nice to win the first game of the season." He said before heading to the dressing room.

    It will be interesting to follow him, and how he evolve.

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    It's been some interesting weeks lately, everything in the promotion race is wide open, separating number 1 and Throck on seventh place with just 8 points, and three points to 5th place that gives promotion play off games, with 14 games played.
    Throck's expectations for promotion is still within reach, as the team on fifth place play at Throck in the next match.
    Throck's young star Kvich is showing promising form recently, and are one goal from being 2nd on the top score list.
    Last month's concern he's not passing enough have been put to the grave, with 9 assist so far this month, and a passing accuracy on 83%.
    After last weeks scandal with Kvich being out with some mates for a few drinks at the local pub, celebrating the recent win. He was making a few inappropriate comments to a female costumer, and fan. It ended with a two weeks wage fine, and dressing room cleaning punishment from the manager, Kvich have been very silent this week, and putting 110% effort on the training field.
    When questioned, if it would affect next weeks match, the manager said: "He have accepted the punishment, and showed a very mature attitude, writing a letter of apology to the fan, along with free tickets to the next home game, (possible what the two weeks wage fine would cover) and our dressing room haven't been this clean in ages." he further continued saying, "he will be starting in next game, there is no reason to drag this out any more."

    Matchday 15 Report:

    We managed to get a short interview with the away team's manager, about the upcoming game against Throck.
    Journ: "What are you expectations to this game?"
    Man: "It's going to be a tough game, but I expect my boys to fight for every inch of the fields!"
    Journ: "Have Kvich been a concern in your tactic?"
    Man: "No, we stick to our game plan and our tactic, but we have to stop him nonetheless."
    Journ: "How?"
    Man: "I can't say that so close to the game."
    Journ: "Thank you, and good luck."

    It was a close game in the end, ending 3-1 to Throck, the away team came ahead, when Throck was surely asleep, and let a simple pass get by, and their attacker was able to put it past the keeper, with a well placed shot.
    Kvich scored to 1-1, 5 minutes into the 2nd half with a low shot just outside the inner box, when a pass from the right wing, landed straight at his feet.
    The goal to 2-1 showed how fast Kvich really is, when he ran past 4 defenders, making them look like the walked backwards, sending the ball high in, to a striker in the box, putting the heading in.
    With 5 minutes left, Kvich was tackled in the box, and there was rightly whistled for penalty, and the taker scored securely, with a well placed shot, just kissing the left post, out of reach for the keeper.

    Thanks to the other results in the league, Throck moves up to the 6th place, just a point from fith place, and 7 points away from the first place.

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    This week the NSS* clothing announced on a press conference that they and Kvich have signed a contract, in the range of 3.500 pounds a week, running for a year.
    When asked after the press conference, they stated that Kvich is a hot brand at the moment, a lot of young kids would like to be like him, so it was natural for us to offer him a lucrative contract.

    Some English 2nd division clubs are also lining up to offer the wonder boy a contract, and with the transfer window opening next week, it will be interesting to see who manage to run with his signature. He is valued to around 100.000 pounds, but it would be surprisingly if the manager of Throck wouldn't want at least twice as much for him. The question then would be if any of the interested clubs actually can pay that much.
    When asked, Kvich said he wasn't interested in leaving the club, as he loved to be in the club.
    Kvich leading the top score list, with a goals more than number 2, and Throck on third place, 4 points behind the first place.
    With cup games this week, and Throck being out of the cup already, they have a much needed break, preparing for the next weeks game against the team on 2nd place.

    Yesterday the transfer window opened, and not surprisingly some offers for Kvich have been coming in already, but the managers only comment so far have been that "Kvich is not transfer listed." And we at 'The Paper', wonder if he then means not to sell him at all.
    The manager from a first division team have openly stated he would love to bring Kvich to his club, and have put an offer on 350.000 pounds up, which would make Kvich the most valuable player in Throck ever, and they would have a hard time saying no to such an offer.

    It's been impossible to get a statement from the head character, Kvich on this matter, but we'll continue to try and get hold of him.

    *(If using "NSS" name as the name of the clothing company, and possible other sponsors, is a problem, please let me know and I'll edit it out.)

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    Nice story

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