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Thread: End of Season crash

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    Default End of Season crash

    Hi there,

    Found a bug. At the end of the first season, the game crashed as I had chosen a new club to play for. It reloaded with the next season started, and carried on as normal; the only thing that seemed to be an issue was that my career stats carried over; both the first and second seasons stats were under 'this season'. Got to the end of the second season and I can't continue, regardless who I pick, or if I stay; the game crashes and won't go any further. Is this a bug I can work around?

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    Hm... What league are you on, what team are you on, and what club did you transfer to (in what league)? That might help troubleshooting the issue.

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    I'm basically having the same problem. At the end of the first season it lets me choose if I want a new team or not. If i click no it crashes, if I click yes it lets me negotiate a deal and once I accept the deal (tried with numerous teams) it crashes and therefore I can't find any ways around it.

    I am currently Bish S after starting at WSM

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    Yeah I'm been having a similar problem, I'm currently with Barca at the end of season 8 but want to move to my team, Fulham however after I negotiate and accept a deal the app crashes and when it reloads it is at the end of season 8 again this has happened for several seasons in a row, however previous transfers to Italy and Spain have had no problems. Please fix this as I love this game!!!!

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    What device are you guys playing on?

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