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Thread: What is the max amount of Money you can get from Contract and Sponsors?

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    Default What is the max amount of Money you can get from Contract and Sponsors?

    I have been playing for a small amount of time, with a star rating of 9, a wage of 13 and a goal bonus of 3 per with 12 per match from sponsors. I was just wondering what the max amount you can get for each is as i get 12 from sponsors but don't have a sponsorship for 4 things

    Also, is there a max star rating?

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    Im in star rating 25 now... keep going...

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    bloody hell! whats your contract and sponsorship like?

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    39 per games 8 per goals sponsor 30 per games.... Sponsor max on 30 per games

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    My current wage is 63 per game, goal bonus 11 per game, spOnsors 30. My star rating is 43 and rising. Players age is 37

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    Weww!!! Hahahahaa i got cash and cant use for anything except nrg drink

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    My player is 30, on 59stars a game, 11 for a goal (seems like max) and sponsors are rubbish, never go up- set amount.

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    Yes, well... About that maximum for a goal


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    holy mother of god i feel like such a rookie, star rating 15 with 22 wage and 4 goal bonus, 20 sponsor ^^ oh well im grinding my way up!

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    By all means, don't feel like a rookie at all. Just like in real life, it's all about the journey, and not about the destination... I now have more money than I need, and you see it is just piling up - I can't do anything with it asides from drinks and gambling (just like real life for some people, I guess ).

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    Yes i am in the same situation as pjft except a lot lower lol my money could just build up ive bought everything and maxed all skills and relationships i just keep buying nrg drinks because they get more expensive as your star rating goes up, so now what do we do? we need to come up with something we would like to do with the extra money .....

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    Star rating is 97, currently making 143 per game with a 25 goal bonus.

    At this point I've let my sponsorships laps and just ignore them. The sponsorships add, at most, 30 per game so it costs way more to keep them happy since nrg drinks cost me 290. Even ignoring them entirely I still have everything up through the watch. The electronics and jewelry sponships come and go. The car guys don't talk to me anymore.

    I also don't have a gf. She was bringing me down.

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    143 per game, that's awesome.

    My stats:
    Age 25
    Wage: 63
    Goal Bonus: 12
    Sponsors: 30 (maxed out)
    (Lifestyle 100%, boss/team/fans/girlfriend/sponsors all maxed out.)
    I just bought a whole bunch of NRG drinks before they got more expensive.

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    Lightbulb You lose cash by keeping Sponsors after reaching Star Rating 30.

    Agree with eliljay, the Sponsors don't make any sense after you advance past Star Rating 30-40.

    I'm on Star Rating 45 and wage 66/12, cheapest NRG drink costing 134, (gone higher on iPad with NRG drinks over 250 star bux).

    If you only get fixed amount of cash 30 bucks per game from Sponsors, but to keep them happy you must play the mini game, which costs you 200-300 bux a game, KEEPING SPONSORS ACTUALLY MAKES YOU LOSE MONEY (!)

    You are much better off letting the sponsors go and not having to buy crazy priced NRG drinks every match or two just to "have a successful photoshoot with sponsors".

    Unless there is an update fixing this (bug?) when the higher you go the more you get paid from Sponsors, it doesn't make any sense to keep them.

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    Hi all. I'm a total addict. I'm star rating of 63 but have been unable to negotiate an increase from 77 per game since I was on star rating 50. Anyone know why? Even when a new club bids I can't haggle any higher than that. I'm 100 lifestyle, own 3 racehorses etc I want more money! I'm clearly the best player in the world, dammit! 😎

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