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Thread: Trying to get NSS Mobile featured on Eurogamer's "App of the Day"

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    Default Trying to get NSS Mobile featured on Eurogamer's "App of the Day"

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this thread, but I thought that NSS Mobile is far too addictive a game for the relatively small press it's getting.

    I saw a suggestion for it on the comments for

    but it didn't get much traction. And since the crew at Eurogamer does encourage readers to suggest apps for them to feature, I thought I'd chime in as well.

    If you think it's worth a shot, try it out somehow. I'm sure that more attention would mean that everyone would have a better game overall

    Cheers - oh, and feel free to move the thread in case this isn't the best place for it to be.


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    Olá Paulo The thread is in the right place. Thanks for suggesting NSS to such a large crowd, I see from your posts here and from your tweets that you are a real NSS Mobile enthusiast! Let's hope they pick up on your comment.
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