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    Default Changelog

    Added international tournaments
    Added club continental tournaments
    Added club goals, career goals and transfer value leaderboards (iOS)
    Hi-Def images on tablets (Android)
    Fixed runaway keeper in penalty shootouts
    Fixed 10, 25, 50 Star Man achievements not getting awarded
    Fixed clicking hit button after Black Jack bust
    Added new icon to slot machine reels
    Added scroll bars to display list range
    Tweaked work rate effect
    Dilemmas can affect international relationships

    -Fixed black backgrounds on some devices (Android)

    -Fixed crashing on some devices (Android)
    -Improved image loading times (Android)
    -Fixed getting transfer offer from current club
    -Fixed getting offers from vastly inferior clubs
    -Fixed goals not counting after post/keeper
    -Leaving name blank defaults it to "The Kid" (temporary fix for onscreen keyboard issues on Android)

    -Team mates aims shots away from keeper

    -Fixed sponsorship relation going up before you have any sponsors (Kongregate)
    -Fixed blank screen after some cup match results
    -Career Form on stats screen records average ratings for past 5 seasons
    -Fixed Scottish Prem announcing league winners before it splits
    -Fixed season review declaring Promoted/Relegated incorrectly for Scottish Prem
    -Fixed points not carrying over after Scottish Prem league split

    -Added Arcade and Career leaderboards for Kongregate (Flash)
    -Fixed casino refresh cheat (Flash)
    -Sponsors are impressed by Star Man awards
    -Reduced amount that sposorship relationship decreases by each week
    -Small energy boost at half-time
    -Improved team mate shooting slightly
    -Arrow on play match button is orange arrow if you are a sub, red if not selected

    -Fixed play sound crash (Android)
    -Can drink NRG at half time
    -Fixed unpopulated cup fixtures playing against an empty team
    -Fixed ball going through net
    -Added slight ratings boost for shots on target
    -If opposition lose the ball during interception chance then play breaks down
    -Fixed getting 2 passes if team mate shoots and it hits another team mate
    -Cannot have "Success" after "Fail" if ball crawls over line in challenges/tutorial
    -Tweaked match text speeds
    -Wind directions switches at half-time
    -Added buttons to browse cup rounds
    -Can choose not to start dating girlfriend
    -Added button to end relationship with girlfriend
    -Can skip some messages "Not enough cash" etc
    -NRG that boosts skills or relationship will increase star rating instead if maxxed out
    -A few minor tweaks

    -Added soft exit button (Android)
    -Improved sound system (Android)
    -Added volume button
    -Improved team mate AI
    -Less chance of play breaking down if you make a long pass
    -Reduced price of NRG drinks slightly
    -Reduced amount of energy needed to train
    -Reduced amount of energy needed for relationship game
    -Match rating not so harsh on subsitutes
    -Boss gets less angry if you are not picked in early levels
    -Furthest pass & goal stats (season) reset at start of new season
    -Lowered slot machine jack-pot payout
    -Fixed black jack "bust" cheat
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    Changelog for version 1.15, copied from the NSS Mobile Android webpage:

    What's new in v1.15:
    -Corners and crossing opportunities
    -Deflections and rebounds added
    -Striped, sleeved and hooped kits added
    -Club history and tournament log (takes affect in seasons played after upgrading to v1.15)
    -Post-match interviews added
    -Horse Racing included in Casino
    -Can buy and race your own horses
    -Polish, Spanish, French and German languages included
    -Added boots that can control ball before kicking it
    -Added some new achievements
    -Fixed game going to penalties after extra time winner
    -Sponsors payout for international matches
    -Fixed relationship meters moving when they shouldn't
    -Fixed passing achievements only being awarded for exactly 5 and 10 passes
    -Match rating less critical of shots on target
    -Fixed Style! mag repeating itself
    -No snow in hot countries
    -When choosing new club they are listed in order of team strength
    -Need faster kick reaction time against stronger teams
    -Less chance of huge scorelines
    -Fixed gamecenter button on main menu
    -Capped wages and NRG prices when reaching star rating 100
    -Fixed table scrolling issue
    -Fixed news reporting on 1st leg after 2nd leg
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