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Thread: Sometimes I want to break my laptop in frustation...

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    Default Sometimes I want to break my laptop in frustation...

    Hey guys,

    Just bought the game about two weeks ago( version 1.07 I think. Been an NSS fan since NSS1 when my friend accidentally learned about the game while searching for wonderkids for his football manager game. Here are some things that almost made me break my laptop(I already completed about 2 10 yr careers playing on Hard straight from the beginning):

    1.Teammates never completing diagonal passes towards you when you are moving, especially for a breakaway in an ecl quarter final.
    2. That stupid lock kicking option. Who thought of that? Went from a 0.16 goal/game ratio to a 1 goal/game ratio by disabling it.
    3.Shooting being a bad thing for a striker. Really?
    4.Being forced to score always from the side of the goal. Impossible to win a 1vs1 with keeper heading straight towards goal. Also teammates don't score enough.
    5.No way to score 1 timers.Again really? I understand you'd have to be alone with an empty net but defenders are too smart and too quick and teammates too slow(decision making and execution) in this game.
    6. Not being able to slow the game a bit more. I'm already on slow settings.
    7. Being forced to turn on myself and lose speed before autochasing a ball while AI is almost magnetic to a loose ball.
    8.Defenders who mark superbly and force us to shoot on goal and hope for a teammate scoring on a rebound for an assist.
    9. Completing the 7+ levels of shooting ,dribbling, tackling , heading , passing. How can guys at the top max out all attributes, especially dribbling with a keyboard?
    10.Not seeing teammates names and attributes. I feel alone. I understand it's much work but maybe an editor option to allow us to do that for our games. I wouldn't mind.Also can't decide on multiple save names(saving is automatic). I have the feeling though that I somehow know the unnamed blonde striker that never scores at chelsea!

    A lot of these problems may be down to my lack of skill , but I was a beast at NSS3. Maybe it's because I'm on hard.You guys let me know.

    I won't even bother you with the lack of off-the-field realism (I miss NSS3 ) since the game is not complete as I understand and guys already bitched about it much. ( but seriously do something about energy recuperation. Go back to NSS3)

    By the way Kudos SI for several things.

    1.Doing it on your own this time around. Genius. Keep up!
    2.Teaching Defenders marking.
    3.Killing that 3D nonsense.
    4.Elegant Interface.
    5. You can be demoted from captainship unlike in Fifa.

    Anyway I did not destroy my laptop yet but it might be coming soon. AAAArrrgh.

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    1.Teammates never completing diagonal passes towards you when you are moving, especially for a breakaway in an ecl quarter final.

    I think this one deserves its own spotlight. the basic calculation of velocity * estimated time of flight is off in some way, and makes moving passes nearly impossible. the other issues you mention are more or less frustrating, but this is the one causing me to swear at the monitor.

    Of course, i wouldn't care so much if it weren't such a fun and well-designed game in most respects!

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    Everything takes time. You need to practice. In my 3rd season I finally became a good player. I play on a keyboard and don't find it impossible to complete each training except heading I got stuck at 8.0 headings and can't go forward. Tackling and passing trainings are the easiest in my opinion.

    Shooting is pretty hard if you don't realize every trick behind it. I have been playing my 4th season and I recently discovered that you can raise the ball up by holding the opposite cursor to the direction you are shooting. I have always wondered how to do it because the full training hadn't any influence on the height of a ball.

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