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    Hello. I Love this game and so i purchased it, along with a brand new controller. I use Mac OS x. When i connected the controller i was very happy because it worked fine, but i took aknowledge of something that doesn't seem right
    When i'm taking a free kick or corner kick, i cannot turn the player in 360º , i can only select 8 directions. But, with the keyboard, if I press for example the right arrow, the player keeps spinning to the right. With the keyboard, if i press the right arrow, he turns to the right and stops, doesn't continue spinning. Does anyone have this problem? I recorded a video so that you can take a look. In the end i use the keyboard to show the difference from the beggining of the video, in which i use the controller.


    EDIT: When i'm playing a game, when i run with the player and then i take a turn he does the 360º, the "only 8 directions" happens only when the player is stopped.

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    Another thing that happens with joystick is that the player is way slower than with keyboard :/ i have him in max pace and drible, and playing with jjoystick every defender catches my player quickly. With keyboard, my player is much faster than the defenders. It's like half the speed with joystick

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    What joy pad do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by siread View Post
    What joy pad do you have?
    Already tried with 4 different joypads, including the PS3 official controller with Motion In Joy Drivers; Tried with d-pad and analogue and it happens with both. Tried in Mac OS X and Windows 7.

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    me quite the same as a PC user. I joined the forum to see if someone else was wrong. This is complicated shots in training, since the keyboard can not be given much curve, but if you can give direction, and the opposite happens joystick, gives much curve but only 8 directions.
    perdonden my english, I'm from Argentina, I'm using google translator.


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