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Thread: How do you keep your sponsors happy?!

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    Default How do you keep your sponsors happy?!

    It doesn't matter how I play, I have all lifestyle items purchased, and I'm constantly having to buy NRG drinks just to try to keep my sponsorship happiness from dropping to zero? I'm star level 10 and it's just getting to be a drag because I can't spend any NRG on skills (the NRG drinks are too expensive to buy more than one of per game without losing money).

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    I have the exact same problem. Sponsors keep dropping to zero even if I play well.

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    It can be done. I'm considering it a flaw in the game design that SI will hopefully address immediately. I've got all the items, all the vehicles, only missing the last 3 properties and I'm almost the MoM each week for Barcalona but my sponsors still won't be happy unless I play the stupid mini game.

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    Same issue here. I'm star rating 17 now and the NRG drink is way too expensive. Not to mention we have to keep our girlfriend relationship...

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    Yeah, it's pretty much intolerable, unless there's some trick that we are all missing...

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    The only way is through the mini-game I'm afraid. I will improve this in the next update so you can impress them with Star Man performances.

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    I have been playing this game for the past couple of weeks. At first I was addicted to it and was enjoying it immensely. Now that I'm used to the game, and my star rating has increased to level 7, I'm finding it extremely frustrating.

    The extortionate prices of the NRG drinks seems to be a deliberate ploy to encourage the real life purchase of 'Star Bux' through the in-app purchase system. I've noticed that as your star rating increases, the cost of NRG drinks increases significantly which is not in keeping with the small increases of your salary and bonuses. I've also noticed that the charm version of the NRG drink increases very little in happiness for the Boss, Team, Fans or Sponsors rating. In fact, it appears that the increase is less so than when you are on a lower star rating.

    So it seems that as you progress in the game, it will cost you more to sustain your energy levels therefore forcing the player to use in-app purchases as a way of maintaining them. I appreciate that indie game designers need to earn money but this comes across as a rip-off (I mean.. 25 star bux for .69p, 50 star bux for 1.49 how is that value for money?). I would far sooner pay double or triple the current cost of the game and then do-away with in-app purchases.

    Of course you can avoid the use of NRG drinks but then this will have a significant impact on maintaining happiness with everyone. Focusing purely on sustaining your energy levels will mean that no time is spent on keeping everyone happy which will then lead to an unhappy sponsor (loss of money), or an unhappy girfriend (destroys boss, team and fans happiness), or unhappy team mates (they don't pass to you therefore limiting the chances in a match - then leading to an unhappy boss and fans), unhappy fans (boo you so you don't get the chances plus no sponsors will want to do business with you) and an unhappy boss - doesn't pick you for games therefore affecting everything in NSS.

    It's a very unfair system. In terms of trying to make more money from the player, it's a very clever system.

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    To b honest in app purchases speed up ur in-game progress by maybe 2/3yrs- they really aint needed. Im a strong anti-IAP for some games, but this has no bearing unless Si wanted to make a mutiplayer version (hmmmm). Even so- after u max ur stats u dont NEED drinks, just adjust ur work rate well.

    Dont focus on lifestyle till ur a gd player!! Unless u like seeing Barnet FC players in Bentleys :-S loool dont make any sense! But each to their own. But unless ur really rubbish- IAP's dontnaffect gameplay too much.

    Although i do agree that some energy level decreases/increases should b tweaked

    ** i play on an iPad- appreciate it may b slightly trickier on other devices

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    El Dino, another thing that is too frustrating, is when you use the cassino to win money, after some games you get a incident saying that your manager and fans don't like gambling players. So when you try to dig up some money from cassino, collect the enough to buy your NRG's and then save up some cash.

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    I think now with update of ver 1.07, the game is more playable. I reached star rating 20 and sponsors are getting happy with my Star Man performance.

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    I pretty much ignored lifestyle until I was in my fourth or fifth year. Just focused on my skills to get transferred up the leagues each season. It seems to be the most effective way of playing.

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    Well, it seems that you need to invest a little bit as you go along in order to accrue sponsorships and be able to recover enough energy that you don't have to spend money on NRG drinks just to train, and to have enough money to buy NRG drinks as your star rating gets higher. It's relatively well balanced now that sponsors respond to Star Man plaudits, but I still don't think sponsors ratings should go down quite as fast, especially if you're playing for one of the best teams in Europe and putting in good, if not Star Man performances each week. Perhaps we need a post-match interview mini-game like in the desktop game to further improve sponsorship ratings when you perform well.

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    Default Pissed GF = Happy Sponsors

    I've noticed that, like in real life, when I neglect my GF and she gets upset...her level drops and my sponsor happiness goes up! Guess when they see you have more time to make them money, and you're spending less time with hanger-ons, they'll be pleased. Also, I don't worry too much when one sponsor drops me, cause the level goes up afterwards and they re-sign pretty quickly with a few good matches, bumping the level back up to full once again.

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    To be fair, I also notice that that sponsors bar seems to go up sometimes when my GF is upset... I'm not sure if it's intended, if it is related to the fact that I was MoM in the previous match (which would make the sponsors bar go up), or if it's just a bug.

    Have you noticed if it could be related to a MoM performance?

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