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Thread: How to get into Eng Prem League in 2 seasons

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    Default How to get into Eng Prem League in 2 seasons

    I'm playing my third season and I'm already in Eng Prem league. What I did was staying with the first team I joined with from beginning and transfer after end of 2nd season. Why? transfer to a new club lowers the relationships with the team, which means you get lower chances, lower chances means lower goal opportunities and lower ratings. Also, the difference of new salary in a new club is not that significant compared to existing salary.
    I got into Star rating 10 in 2 seasons because I got lots of chances and goals with my existing club at Conf Nth and Conf Nat level. As you know, the goalie in this level are easy to beat which means you can score many goals.

    Skills that you need to develop based on priority:
    1. Power (you need this to increase your shoot speed, faster ball is easier to beat the goalie, hence more goals)
    2. Free Kicks (develop this early because in later stage, the goalie becomes harder to beat)
    3. Vision/Pace (buy the *70 boot to make your life easier)
    4. Technique (buy the *70 boot to make your life easier)

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    And whas ur stats like since?

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    By the end of season 1, power and freekick are 60 and vision around 30. buy first boots (*70) at the end of season 1. I don't buy any luxuries at season 1. Score as many goals as possible and keep teammate relationship high. If you want to complete achievements like: 5 max rate in a row, better do it early. Each time star rating increase, always try to negotiate for better salary but keep relationship with boss at least 40% or you wont get picked for match.
    By the end of season 2, all stat 60, have 2 real estate to ease a bit of your energy refill, have 4 luxury and 2 transport to get a bit of sponsors.

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    This is a good tactic to use. You should also shun luxuries and spend as much time as possible working on skills (stock up on energy drinks while they are cheap, IIRC they increase every time your star rating goes up, so a good tactic is to save money and spend it all on energy drinks right before the rise). You can buy properties and stuff later when you are more financially secure. I have also never visited the casino.

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