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Thread: Some feedback and questions

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    Question Some feedback and questions

    Started playing this weekend and I must say this game is a true gem!
    Everything from the game play, mini games, finance, transfers etc makes this SWOS on steroids.

    1. I had a question for you all in regards to "skill level". I was under the impression that this was something you would slowly build up during your career. I'm at week 39 of my first season and my skill level is already at 51% and achievements at 30% (I have been injured three times and missed 6 weeks where my stats dropped). I started at "normal" difficulty but I don't think this affects the skill mini games. Also, with smart planning the first season where you completely ignore "lifestyle" I guess this would open up for many additional training session to raise stats.

    Wouldn't it be a lot more fun if you had a very slow skill progression or is the intention that your "guy" is a star (hence the name of the game)? I guess it is common knowledge to max out "pace", "dibbling" and "flair" and I had no issues getting these three to 9 without a single fail.

    2. When looking at the global scoreboard wouldn't it make sense that you had to choose your difficulty when starting a career that stayed locked? Right now there is no distinction from what I can see if a player is at "easy", "normal" or "difficult".

    Anyway, great game. Signing this petition and highlighting the IOS-version would be a great way to bring this to Steam.

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    1) It's "New Star Soccer", not "New Bench-Warming Serie-B Defender Soccer". But you also seem adept at training.

    2) If you're on "Hard", you get a higher transfer value. I don't think what level you play at is reflected on the leaderboard, though - and switching difficulties halfway through can make a career more interesting, instead of going back and having to start a new one.

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    Haha, perhaps I'm too used to the slow progression of players in various manager titles.

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