I have another crazy idea for an Online Championship for next season, to run alongside the NSGPOC. I'd like to suggest the -

"NSGP Champions League"

What is it?

- Elite competition for the best of the best.
- Qualifying criteria is at least one win of an NSGPOC race.

Why do this?

Kos says he's bored. PSW and Marek complain about lag and disconnects. We all complain about bad racing that has cost us races. Alfonso needs a new challenge to win. Przemek has wanted an elite league for a while. We all have great skills at this game and we need to create our own challenges. A small set of elite racers taking on a different challenge every week gives us something new to work towards. And having this as well as the OC possibly also levels the playing field, as we can't practice everything in a week!

How does it work?

The Champions League Race will occur every week after the NSGPOC Races are completed (if RC is still in place, we'll need to adapt the deadlines so that this is not a disadvantage). It will be one race of equivalent length to the NSGPOC Races, so the "season" would be 10 races. All races count for scoring. Standard F1 Scoring applies, although with less racers open to another scoring method if someone has a good idea.

What are the rules?

Well, this is where it gets interesting. The rules are determined by the racers! The way it works is this, every race MUST use a different set of rules to the previous race. The rules are selected out of the following Options :

Collisions Y/N
Damage Y/N
Fuel Y/N
Tyres Y/N
Quali Y/N (So Random grids are possible!)
Track TBD. (So Track Order is Randomised!)

Here's the catch. Alfonso as the current NSGP Champion gets to set the "Rules" and the track for the first race. After the results of each Race, the *runner-up* in the race MUST change at least 1-3 of the "Rules" from the previous race, as well as select the next Track to be raced. No tracks are allowed to be repeated within a season. This allows for the Challenge in each race to be different, and for the person who almost won to adapt the Rules in a way that might suit them.

Open Question - do we limit ourselves to the Official Tracks, or should we include Frost's ARL track set as well? If we take the ARL tracks, we'll have to work out the right number of laps to stay consistent.

What do you think guys? Happy to play around with the concept, but I think we've reached a level where something like this could be a lot of fun. I've tried to combine ideas from the ARL, the current OC and general comments, and I think this would work.