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    Default Forum Rules

    Please abide by the following rules when posting in the forum:

    NO All caps all the time
    NO Abusing
    NO Unnecessary Bumping
    NO Affilate links In signatures
    NO Sniping
    NO Trolling
    NO Deliberately getting around profanity filters
    NO 'Text Speak' (we have a lot of Non-English members and want them to understand posts too!)
    NO offering free registration codes for any NSG products
    NO spamming through Private Messages
    NO backseat moderating

    Also please do not post one of the following:

    • Any material that goes against any religion
    • Any material that implies, forces or encourages piracy
    • Any copyrighted material that you do not have the rights to post*

    The main one is NO Abusing. Please go easy on the swearing and try not to get into a flame war with other forum members. Inappropriate posts will be deleted.

    Please remember that we have members of all age ranges, and want this forum to also be safe for work. The forum uses profanity filters for a reason, please do not try and get around them.

    When posting, please try and make it worthwhile, nothing is more annoying than seeing a dozen or so posts with only a smilie in it.

    If a moderator or admin asks you to change something, then please do so.

    Don't join to tell us about your website or advertise your product. We term this as spam. If you are not a regular forum member then don't bother telling us!

    Please note that, outside the International sub-forums, the forum is English only. Any posts not made in English may be deleted.

    Yellow Card System

    Please be aware that we operate a "Yellow Card" system [some of you may recall this from the old forums] What it means is... You are on a last chance before we give you a ban from the forums, the ban term will be set to how serious it is.

    We want the forum to be a fun place to be and hang out, we have some great members here, lets not ruin it.

    As for deciding red cards (permanent bans), this is decided by the moderators and the admin together. It's a group choice so you don't to think any mod or admin is "bullying" you.

    Remember all the staff give up valuable time to help you, so please give all staff respect. Failing to do that may have bad consequences.

    We can't know if what you say is correct!

    So please, when you post verify your sources closely as the moderators and administrators of this forum cannot be held responsible for anything posted here. The Internet is a place anybody can edit. Be careful with its power. When an user posts, his point of view is expressed. The user's point of view is only his point of view - we do not have any influence over what anybody posts except for the right to edit a post in case it violates one of the aforementioned rules. If you however feel a post should be censored or deleted, please click the small warning sign in the right top corner of the post to report it to a moderator or to an administrator, and do not forget to mention your reasons.

    Backseat moderating

    Backseat moderating is an expression often used in the internet and in its communities. Those who backseat moderate attempt to do what is the moderators' jobs. A backseat moderator usually acts like a moderator, speaks like a moderator, however he's not a moderator. We understand that you like this community and as such, you try to help it as much as you can, however backseat moderating is not the right thing to do. If you see a post that appears to be breaking any of the rules, report it using the report button above the Join Date of the user or PM a moderator straight away.

    The NSG Team

    *If you are posting a news article, you must post the link or scan where you found that article.
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