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01-03-2008, 12:00 PM
The Beginning

He was born in Brasil. His family was poor and lived in the slums of Anápolis. It's no surprise that football was his passion since he could think and run properly. Every day he played the wonderful game with his friends before, after and during the school time. Because of his magic ball controll and graceful movements he became his nickname Deus. It was the biggest honour to get such a nickname.


At the age of 17 it was time to help the family. The living conditions became worse and worse, there were days where Deus had to decide either he will eat his lunch or wait until the dinner. School wasn't finished yet, but the family couldn't wait.

Deus went to the local club Anapolina which played in the 3rd division. He made his trial and was picked by the manager. It was the best moment in his life by then. He got a professional contract with 600$ weekly. It was more then enough to feed the hole family of 3 members with regular meal.


But it wasn't the money that atracted him, the game itself and the chance to play on the professional level brought him plenty of chances to rise to an international class.

He played 2 games in the hole season. And those two games he came as a sub. He scored 0 goals and made 0 assists. A wonderful start for a newcomer.

On the other side Deus saw the reasons for his failure. His teammates were quicker, stronger and had much more stamina. So he began to train his physical attributes. His trainer understood the situation und helped the young talent to develop. But not only training made Deus so athletic after the first season. He took drugs. He spent his complete spare money on those little pills. The results were satisfying but the addiction and the side-effects made the life harder. It was again his trainer who helped him to get away from this problem.

Deus was sold at the end of the season. It was to risky to keep a player in the team after he was addicted to the performance-enhancing drugs almost the half of a season. The media didn't come to know anything and Deus was succefully transfered to a 2nd division club Sport Recife as a talent with bright future.

To be continued...

01-03-2008, 12:16 PM
Nice career.

God plays soccer :P

Cookie Monster
01-03-2008, 07:01 PM
Great one... and it's not done yet :)

God doesn't play football, a dog spelled backwards does B)

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Nice writing you had there. Waiting for another chapter!

12-25-2008, 12:42 AM
Where is Deus? *look at up o.o*